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Site radio test 2018 • The 10 best site radios in comparison

by Ruth Parker 0 Comments

What is a construction site radio?

Everyone knows what a construction site is and everyone knows a radio. This suggests that a site radio is simply a radio operated on a construction site. In principle, this conclusion is not wrong, but the devil is here as so often in detail, but is a construction site a very special environment and not every radio equally well suited for use there.

Makita battery site radio 7.2-18 V, DMR102No playground: On the construction’s going to the point
Radios, like most electrical appliances, are quite sensitive and designed to operate in a clean environment. They stand on shelves and bedside tables, are occasionally dusted and make little demands apart from power outlets or batteries.

Now a construction site is not exactly a place of clinical cleanliness, but a place of work, combined with dirt, dust and moisture. No ideal conditions for operating a radio, and so it is hardly surprising that many devices refuse after a relatively short time the service or at least no longer optimally meet.

A radio with good qualities

Precisely because of the high level of wear and tear, new equipment is often not used on construction sites, but discarded models, which are still to do their job for a few weeks or months until they finally give up – not least promoted by the stressful circumstances of the new environment.

Not so the site radio! It is, so to speak, the “tough guy” among the radios, and can take a whole lot more than ordinary models. This is ensured by its construction of the construction site radio, which is specially designed for the demanding circumstances of a construction site environment.

How does a construction site radio work?

Where radio is on it, radio is also in it – this also applies to a construction site radio, that in its core not very different from commercially available devices.

What is a radio at all? Milwaukee 4933416345 C 12-28 DCR / 0 version mains / rechargeable battery radio
Whether with or without a construction site, a radio is initially a very practical and well thought-out electro-technical receiver. The origin of the name is much older than the thing itself, because it comes from the Latin (radius = “beam”), although the ancient Romans of course had completely different in mind than what almost two thousand years later by inventive inventors was made of it.

The beam received the name of the radio – formerly only in the form of electromagnetic waves via antennas, now also as high-frequency electrical signals via cable. Each reception assumes that there is a station; at least in Germany, these are exclusively state-approved broadcasters.

What makes a radio to the construction site radio?

The hitherto said applies also to every construction site radio. Its peculiarity is not the content, but the packaging. The falls namely particularly thick and robust. Sometimes, the look of a construction site radio reminds a bit of high-quality children’s toys, so shapeless and little filigree look like the controls. This is quite deliberate and will not deter connoisseurs, as it is precisely this “tank” that provides the necessary resistance to the inevitable and ubiquitous dirt of a construction site.

Advantages & Applications of a construction site radio

The question of the right field of application answers the construction site radio already by his name, but it does not always have to be the professional construction site – even for busy home improvement can be worth buying.

In general, anyone who fully or partially applies the scenarios described below may be considering the purchase of a site radio. But because not all advantages for all construction site radios offered validity, it is advisable to first have a closer look at the baustellenradio Comparison 2018 of expert tests – so that no false promises of frustration.

Dust and dirt:

Dust is a nuisance in every normal home, the more it becomes a relevant factor on construction sites. Constant pollution means fast death for normal radios, construction site radios are designed with their tight and robust housing specifically to work under such difficult conditions.
Dirty hands:
It is not enough that the construction site radio is operated with dirty fingers – after all, there is hardly any opportunity on a construction site to wash your hands every time or to dip your fingers in fragrant lemon water. The controls of the site radio are arranged and designed so that they do not suffer from this circumstance.