helpful tips to prevent nail fungus in children

by Ruth Parker

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) occurs in children rarely. Just because the disease is one of the unusual events in the age group, the progression of the disease, special attention. Tips for correct behavior in everyday life show you how you can treat nail fungus in children and preventive measures in the best case, prevent.

Observe the condition of the skin, Finger – and toenails in your child. Nail fungal diseases show up in rare cases in babies and small children. If you, at first, inconspicuous yellow notice-white discoloration of the nails, which can indicate the activity of a fungal pathogen, to find you as quickly as possible, the medical consultation. In childhood, the treatment of a nail fungus disease is, in any case, in the Hand of the doctor. He makes a diagnosis, decides on the drug therapy, monitoring the course of disease and the effect of the drug.

Do not try to back of a nail fungal disease in your child with home remedies body. There is no scientific evidence that the antifungal effect of Apple cider vinegar, garlic, essential Oils, & co. The treatment with such agents costs, rather, valuable time would be invested in a therapy with proven antifungal agents, the better. Neglecting nail fungus is the causative agent of opportunity to freely spread and complicates effective action. In addition, at any time, the risk of incompatibility reactions, the the the fungus already strained regions of the skin and nails is in the application of home remedies.

Follow the treatment recommendations of the doctor carefully. Maintain treatment frequency, dosage of drugs and duration of treatment in a reliable, persistent pathogens can not survive, and later a disease flare can cause.

Make sure that any fungal disease in the family, to careful Hygiene to the spread of germs and infection of other family members to prevent. Nail fungus in children in most cases, on excitation, the adults. Often the onychomycosis a result of an athlete’s foot infection, which extends to the area of the nails. Reserve the items that come in contact with the skin, the personal use, to avoid fungal pathogens of man switch to man. They give, in particular, utensils for nail care, towels, bedding and underwear as well as socks or shoes that do not in turn to other family members. Replace towels after a single use, switch your Laundry on a daily basis and choose when Washing the highest possible temperature, so that the germ can not survive in the textile fibers. Add the soft rinse cycle, a special Hygiene Laundry rinse to fight persistent pathogens even at low temperatures.

You can support your child in the gentle, but careful care of the skin. You provide assistance during the Washing and Drying of the feet, in socks and shoes, it’s not a feel-good climate for mushrooms. Engage you in Cutting the nails, to prevent injury, facilitate the Penetration of germs. Pay attention to wounds in the area of the feet, if your child plays sports, and dispose of regularly worn-out or too small to become sports and running shoes.

Equip your child with proper hausmittel gegen nagelpilz fitting socks and shoes made of natural or breathable materials. You take for buying a Shoe with your child sufficient time and professional advice. Children develop in, as a rule, no reliable sense for the right Shoe size and tend to feel shoes that constrict the feet actually fit. The measure of the feet, and taking into account the individual shape of the foot are helpful measures to find the right Shoe model. Choosing the right shoes is deciding on healthy mobility and protects the sensitive children’s feet.