Testing The Casper mattress – How is it ?

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Finding a good mattress is not easy nowadays, because the selection is huge. Since I am pleased to finally have found a supplier who offers a Twin XL memory foam mattress like the Casper mattress, which should meet all requirements.

The Casper mattress is the invention of a young start-up company from the US. The former NASA developers designed a mattress, which according to own statements is neither too soft nor too hard and therefore suitable for all people. In addition to high-quality materials, the concept of the Casper mattress convinces above all through the renouncement of expensive sales rooms and intermediaries.

The construction of the Casper mattress

The mattress itself consists of four foam layers that are perfectly matched to each other. In this way, a very good pressure relief is achieved, whereby the Casper mattress fits perfectly to the body.

The secret of the Casper mattress lies in its construction. By using different foams, the body is not only supported but also very soft, which is really pleasant.

Layer support foam

The first layer forms a supporting and rather firm foam, which strengthens the subsequent layers and at the same time ensures a long durability.

Layer – The transition layer

The support foam is followed by a transition layer made of latex foam. It helps to distribute the weight of the sleeping well and thus provides the necessary comfort during sleep. The punctuality is supported at the same time and helps to ensure that body regions do not sink completely.

Layer – Dense memory foam

The top layer consists of a special foam of visco material. This foam reacts to heat and adapts perfectly to any body contours. Shoulders and pelvis, for example, can sink so well, but at the same time the waist is well supported. If you move, the foam adapts quite quickly.

Cover layer

On top of the three foam layers, the developers of the Casper mattress have applied an open-pored layer of latex foam. The hypoallergenic latex is not only ideal for allergy sufferers, it also helps to keep the body cool. Even people who sweat quickly during their sleep should sleep well according to the Casper mattress test.

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